Pivot, Pivot, Pivot

Throughout this year I have been a little bit all over the place with my career aspirations. In typical 2020 fashion they have been crushed, filled with uncertainty, and through a fair bit of mental anguish are evolving. Let’s just say they’ve had to, “pivot”. (I’ve also re-watched the entirety of Friends, so there’s that).Continue reading “Pivot, Pivot, Pivot”

“Happily Ever After”

In this week’s installment of Romance At Sea we are going to talk about what happens next. The “Happily Ever After”. If you missed the first couple of weeks we had Dating On Board, taking a look at what dating on a cruise ship is like and the second week we talked about what itContinue reading ““Happily Ever After””

Accountability/Where Are We Going: October 2020

Happy almost Halloween. The extent of our Halloween festivities has been watching Halloween-ish movies. We watched The ‘Burb’s (ad) last night (available on Starz free trial), a lovely (relatively ridiculous) ’80’s flick starring Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher. We watched Ghostbusters and Hubie Halloween. And, as I am not that into Halloween (I think itContinue reading “Accountability/Where Are We Going: October 2020”

Dating on a Cruise Ship

Romance at sea. Watching the sun set over the ocean. The band lightly playing in the background as you watch the sky turn from blue to gold and into stars and shimmering moonlight. It’s a formal night and you are both dressed up. You just came from dinner where you had escargot and lobster. YouContinue reading “Dating on a Cruise Ship”

Just Keep Going

I am currently wrapping up another travel related quarantine and today has had the most dismal (and oh so stereotypically Scottish) weather. I have been doing all the things they say to do. I have been exercising, eating pretty well, and limiting my alcohol intake. I am journaling and starting my days off writing downContinue reading “Just Keep Going”

Traveling With A Food Allergy

Traveling with an allergy can be a challenge. As someone that has done it a lot I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be what stops you from flying away – although right now COVID and/or COVID related travel restrictions might. There are times that it has been incredibly frustrating or challenging,Continue reading “Traveling With A Food Allergy”

Life is Short

Someone once said very matter of fact, “It’s their birthday, so we have to go to the cemetery, because you have to go to the cemetery on their birthday.” To them it wasn’t just what they did to honor their family that had passed, it was What Was Done. It hit my gut like itContinue reading “Life is Short”

A Suite and a Sunset

Note: This post contains affiliate links that if you click on and then purchase I will make a small commission at no cost to you! I’ve been thinking about cruising a lot lately. Whether it’s because everyone is talking about the CDC extending the No Sail Order until the end of the month, the prospectContinue reading “A Suite and a Sunset”

Social Media Groups

There are all sorts of things wrong with social media, between how they use our data to how much time is spent mindlessly scrolling to the online bullying that so many young people experience being able to hide behind their screen. But, in this current crazy pandemic world I have found a few social mediaContinue reading “Social Media Groups”


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